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"My Ohana scissors are always close at hand. They are not simply a novelty item, but are built for aggressive daily use as a working tool. Ohana scissors are excellent for tender stems such as bulb flowers, but can also easily handle woody stems such as viburnum and lilac. I'm also amazed at how the blades stay sharp enough to smoothly trim an edge on delicate flowers such as orchids."

John Regan
Twisted Stem

"It is a lightweight, easy to handle tool. It's nice not having to change tools to cut flowers then cut wire."

Mary Lynn Marks
Busse Flower & Gift Shop

"I've been using these scissors for over 10 years … my hands never get tired. Even after a hard day of work. The Scissors are so sharp and precise that the flower stems are not damaged when cut. This allows the flowers to absorb water properly, thus extending the life of the flowers. They are lightweight, efficient and sharp. I find that using these scissors cuts down on the time it takes to finish arrangements. They are so lightweight that I can hold a scissor in my hand while finishing an arrangement and creating a bouquet."

Misato Sato
Art Expressions