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How much do the scissors weigh?

B-70 Longer Blade Model: 4.8 ounces
B-60 Shorter Balde Model: 4.4 ounces
While made of carbon steel, the Ohana® Floral Shears are balanced to feel light in the hand and are intended for long term use without causing fatique. No spring mechanism means they are easy to open and close and the scissor style handle means they are easy to hold.

What are the Ohana® Floral Scissors made of?

  • Blades – made of carbon steel, coating with fluoropolymer.  
  • Handles – made of elastomer : a rubbery material composed of long chainlike molecules, or polymers, that are capable of recovering their original shape after being stretched to great extents—hence the name elastomer, from “elastic polymer.” Under normal conditions the long molecules making up an elastomeric material are irregularly coiled. With the application of force, however, the molecules straighten out in the direction in which they are being pulled. Upon release, the molecules spontaneously return to their normal compact position.

How long will the blades stay sharp?

With regular 6 hours of everyday use and cleaning, the Ohana® Floral Shears will maintain their sharpness for 2-3 years (based on feedback from florists using Ohana® Shears)

How far does the blade go into the handle?

The carbon steel blades of the Ohana® Floral Shears extend all the way through the handle making them extremely durable even when cutting thick stems. For more details please see how the scissors are made.

How large of a stem can be cut?

In the case of a rose stem, 1/4” diameter can be cut with relative ease with the Ohana® Floral Shears. At maximum spread, the opening of the B-70 Longer Blade Model measures 2.5 inches at the tip of the blades and 1 inch at the center of the blades. The B-60 Shorter Blade Model measures 1.75 inches at the tip of the blades and 0.75 inches at the center.

Will the Ohana scissors cut wire?

Yes. A dedicated wire cutting area is included at the base of the blades.

What other materials can be cut with the scissors?

While intended primarily to cut flower and plant stems, the Ohana® Floral Shears can cut most wires, thin fabric, threads and leather. The ability to cut will vary based on the specific material. For questions on specific materials, please contact us.

Why are the blades coated?

The carbon steel blades are coating with fluoropolymer (similar to Teflon) to create a smooth surface that reduces friction when using the shears, thereby reducing hand fatigue. The coating also helps prevent rust and allows for easy cleaning.